Office Moving

At Green Mountain, we know that office moving is no child’s play and is just as hectic as the house removals. This is something that if concern when you cannot miss out on the daily functions of the workplace as there is a need for daily income.

Loss of time, especially during the weekdays and the working hours of an office, can be very difficult to handle. While we know that it is difficult to handle things from an employer’s end where you cannot involve employees to help you with preparing for the move. We, therefore, help you with the best of services after work hours or during the weekends when the office stays closed.

Since there is very less time in hand when it comes to office removals, making preparations beforehand to execute work and it fast is what our strategy is. The day we help you with a quote and assure you the best services, you can rest assured that you have the best people to serve you. When we are aboard, we do not help with the packing at the last moment. We come over every day after work hours and start to pack things little by little which would include office belongings that are not required every day.

If you insist on packing your office belongings according to departments or probably according to what employees handle, we will do things accordingly. The packing boxes that we help you with are made to handle a lot of weight, especially of papers and appliances.

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