Packing Services

When it comes to packing belongings before a move, it is always the right packaging that keeps things protected. It is not just about boxes for belongings as that of books, clothes, crockery or other household items. We also offer other packing supplies as that of-

  • Chair Cover.

  • Mattress Cover.

  • Packing paper.

  • Lounge cover.

  • Book and wine carton

  • Bubble wraps.

  • Cello Tapes/Packing Tapes.

Apart from supplying you with the same, we help you with packing as well. Whether it is a large piano table that needs to be moved or a conference table from one office to the other, we believe in helping with the right packing material as well as keeping in mind the fact that things have to be transported safely.

Each of the packing material that we supply is made up of the best quality raw material and is manufactured exclusively for companies like us. The ones that you would purchase from the stores will not be of the right quality and may give way when you use them for packing during office and house removals.

The boxes that we provide are of different sizes and depending on your requirements; you can choose the one that you like.



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